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Advocacy is defined as the public's support of a specific viewpoint or cause. This page lists different ways you can advocate, or have your voice heard, to raise awareness of issues (example: lack of tobacco control in your community) and create debate that could influence decision makers. Below are some advocacy tactics your group can use in your movement to improve the community's health:


This section talks about what media advocacy is, what it involves, and how to use it.  If you love scrolling through your feed, this one might be for you.


If you are passionate about a particular cause and want to represent a group of people that support that cause, petitions are a strong way to advocate.

Letter  Writing

Express to an elected official why a particular issue is worth their attention. Have your voice heard through letter writing.

Legislative Visits

Want to pay a visit to the legislators in your district but don't know where to start? Adventure and see how prepared you are here:

Public Comment

For public comments, unlike other advocacy forms, it requires public speaking. Take courage and explore how powerful your voice is!

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