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 Many things can happen after all the policy work has finished, especially things that are out of our control. And whether the policy passes or fails, this section aims to provide a sense of guidance and direction for the phase that comes after all the work has been put in.

Policy Success

Hooray! All the time and dedication that has been placed on this effort has definitely been fruitful, it has payed off, and your community is going to be impacted by it. Celebrating everyone that was involved along the way is very important. Sending thank-you cards or formal letters to legislators and other council members for their vote is key  to show appreciation for their help. Thanking sponsors and advocates that leveraged the work is significant as well, for this could not have been achieved without them. Thank all parties involved in the process. 

Policy Failure

If the policy fails, you should thank all parties involved in the process. Send out thank-you notes to all advocates, supporters, and council sponsors to show appreciation for their efforts and time. Don't forget that there could be another opportunity for this policy to be looked at again. Another thing to keep in mind is to not lose hope! Keep constant communication with staff, talk about lessons learned and best practices - it is not over, it is just postponed. Look back on all the work your group put into this effort, and take steps that will strengthen the team. 

Next Steps

Whether the policy passed or failed, the fight is not over yet. There is usually a lag between when an ordinance is passed and when it takes effect. It is smart to figure out these dates and plan accordingly. If the policy failed, it is still important to do a follow-up and create a strategy. Supporters could continue to support the tobacco control efforts your group is doing, so keeping them engaged by updating them on where the policy work is great. If time and projects allow, finding ways to launch an educational campaign is an amazing way to educate the public! It could be that your group is not funded for this effort, but don't let that stop you - education campaigns can be simple or complex, but it all depends on the time people have to give to it.


*If you are looking for materials or direction to launch an educational campaign, check out our tab "Tools to Educate" here: 

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