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Education has the potential to introduce change and inform community members, as well as policy makers, about issues that need to be addressed. We dedicated this section to education and provided tools to navigate this topic under policy work because education is powerful and important for bringing change in a community. Feel free to start with the Messaging box if your group is just getting started, or explore by clicking on any of the boxes below:


It is all a matter of perspective. How we communicate sometimes does not send the message we want to get how do we do that effectively? Can we prepare for that? Of course! Messaging is all about getting the right message and perspective in line with a policy lens. 


Once the right message is set, who gets to send it? This section touches base on how to select the right messenger to carry out the message your group has prepared to offer.


Materials...sounds a lot like preparedness right? It is exactly that. Check out some cool infographics and fact-sheets that have been prepared by organizations that care as much about community health as you do.

Community Meetings

Don't just host a regular community meeting, host an amazing one that engages the right individuals to create social change. Get some pointers here:



Local data can show us how big a problem is in a community. For policymakers, it is one of the most meaningful forms of data. Learn more about it here:

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