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Once your policy campaign has chosen a message, the second most important step is choosing the right person to send that message. You want the message to be received, for people to listen to you, so the messenger is as essential as having your message fit for your target audience. Coming up with the right message but not having the right messenger to send the message could break the campaign. Messengers are KEY! And we aim to help you chose the right one.

Check Out This Video!


When Choosing Your Messenger:

  • Identify your audience

    • Know what your audience is all about (who are they and what do they care about?)

  • Create a strategy to reach your audience​

    • Customize the strategy depending on what they care about and who influences them​

  • Pinpoint the right person to deliver the message​

    • Who will your audience listen to better? Does this person share common background with the audience?​

You may be the right person to deliver a message, but someone else may be the right person to deliver a different message. This happens because people receive  information more favorably from someone that shares a similar background or interests with them. The video above briefly explained the three things to consider when choosing a messenger, and below you will find a worksheet that will walk your campaign through that process. 

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