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Whether your group is just getting started, or already meeting with legislators and advocating for a policy via different outlets, it is always essential to be prepared. The following educational materials are organized based on a variety of tobacco-related topics that affect the health of the community.

If there is a tobacco policy topic your group is focused on, you will more than likely find it below. Otherwise, please reach out to us and we will do our best to help provide materials that advance the health of the community; also, feel free to print these materials out and share them with local policymakers!


(the following materials are encouraged to be used for policy advocacy purposes)

*Click on the document name to print or download

Smoke-free Housing

Tobacco Litter

Flavored Tobacco Products

Tobacco-free College Campuses

*California Youth Advocacy Network (CYAN) offers free materials to tobacco-free advocates that currently work on tobacco prevention efforts in California colleges, universities and vocational schools. Find their site by clicking on their logo here: 

Tobacco Products

Marginalized Populations

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